Watch This Space

Hi.  It’s Mama B.  From A Single Step.  That space started as a blog about my life.  Homeschooling, family, faith, food… But over time my inner foodie took it over.  I would like to reclaim that space, so I’m giving the foodie her own space here on WordPress.  Please be patient as I learn the ins and outs.  I’ll be going back through recipes from A Single Step, revisiting them, redoing them and reposting some of my favourites here.  Perhaps with pictures.

Ah yes, pictures.  About those.  I do not own a DSLR.  Nor do I see myself ever owning one, unless I am blessed to win one.  I have a Nikon point and shoot.  It’s fine.  8MP, which was awesome when we bought it.  Some day I may have a better one, but still point and shoot.  Until then, I’m learning that this little thing can do macros (and then I learned what that means).  I can also adjust for light and such.  I’m not proficient with it yet, but I don’t mind.  Because I’m not aiming to be a photo blogger.  I want to blog about food.  About what it means to me and why I like it and what I’m eating and where.  And if photo happens, great.  It may come from the Nikon.  It may be adjusted and tweaked.  It may just come from my iPod.  So be it.  I hope that, like in real life, you’ll judge me by my content and not the image(s) presented.

So there you go.  A food blog is coming.  Hopefully before I hit Toronto later this month.  If any of you are proficient with WordPress and would like to offer some tips and help, I’d appreciate it.  This is a whole different creature from Blogger.

Mama B

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