What is the journey all about?

I love food.  I love that there is an abundance of it in my little part of the world. Here in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario, we’re blessed with abundance.  We have passionate farmers, restaurateurs, food truck owners, and incredible foods.  Locally made cheese, baked goods, chocolate, beer, wine, spirits… To say nothing of the dizzying array of fresh produce around every turn.

Passe as it may be, I call myself a culinary tourist.  For me, the point isn’t to be authentic.  If I can recreate the essence or spirit of a global dish, I’ve achieved my goal.  If I can do it using local ingredients, I’ve surpassed it.

Journeys look different to different people.  Since I began blogging, I’ve watched myself evolve.  I’ve wrestled with ethical food issues (with and without resolution), I’ve championed real food, and then grabbed McD’s for breakfast, I’ve met some amazing local food producers and shared their stories with others, and I’ve learned.  I’ve learned so much.  And for me, learning is always a journey, and there is always a journey in learning.

So here I am.  A culinary tourist with much to learn.  There is so much more out there.  Honestly I could fill a blog just going back over where I’ve been, but why?  I want to move forward, both by gleaning more wisdom from experiences past and by learning all I can from future journeys.

Thank you for travelling with me.  Hopefully I will learn from you too.

If you need to contact me, you can do so at myediblejourney at hotmail dot ca.  I am currently focused on building this blog, but I am willing to entertain working with brands that have taken the time to read my blog to see if they are a good fit.

Mama B

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3 thoughts on “What is the journey all about?

  1. Nancy in Alberta

    Hi! I’m from southern Alberta, and it’s great to see a fellow Canadian on a food blog! I haven’t come across another one, that I know of…and even though your seasonal food will be different than what’s here where I am, I’m looking forward to gleaning as you explore your field.


  2. Nancy in Alberta

    Thanks for the links. It’s a case of being certain there must be Canadian food bloggers, but being unable to access the gold mine! Have to admit it: I’m not very savvy…


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