Pictures and peace

There is no recipe today.  Instead I’m taking time to breathe, and just hang out with you.

This year I chose to participate in a December photo a day challenge.  Each day there is a different theme to help capture the season.  I’ve never done anything like this before, and I must say, it’s helped me focus.  This month has not sped by as quickly as the rest of the months this year seemed to.  Taking even a moment each day to deliberately contemplate a specific theme of the season and capture it somehow has helped me to slow down, to not rush too far ahead.  To breathe.  

RedDay 3 was Red.

The kids had asked that we buy some pomegranates, which had only just appeared in the markets.  There isn’t much out there anymore that can’t be bought year-round, and yet these little jewels don’t seem to pop up much in April or July.  To me they’re still a Christmas fruit.

paperDay 10 was Wrapping Paper.

We’ve had this roll for nearly 20 years.  Yes, it was a huge roll.  No, we don’t use it exclusively.  It wasn’t THAT big.  But isn’t it lovely and vintage feeling?


Day 15 was Favourite Holiday Song.

Good King Wenseslas is mine.  “Therefore Christian men be sure, wealth or rank possessing – Ye who now shall bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing.”  (FTR – if there was a least favourite option, it would be a tie between The Christmas Shoes/Merry Christmas, Mommy’s Dying and Baby It’s Cold Outside/Merry Date Rape Christmas.  Don’t get me started).

Today is Peace.

I don’t have a picture yet.  Peace in the moment is eluding me.  It’s not the things left to do.  I’m not hosting Christmas.  We’re going to the inlaws, where we’re the only extended family.  I’ll bring stuffing and dessert, which the kids have chosen (a Bûche de Noël).  I just pulled a batch of meringue mushrooms out of the oven (recipe courtesy of Joy Of Baking).

I guess this project is going to sharpen my focus even more as I attempt to identify and then capture peace today.  Amid the clutter of the house.  Amid the chaos of excited children.  Amid Christmas holidays beginning and lists still to be made.

This I know.  Peace is always within reach, but not always within sight.  This will be my last post until after Christmas, perhaps until the new year.  So I wish each and every one of you who have taken steps with me since I began this blog in the summer a very Merry Christmas and a year ahead full of more than a passing acquaintance with true peace, and much joy.




2 thoughts on “Pictures and peace

  1. Jackie@Syrup and Biscuits

    Thanks for stopping by Syrup and Biscuits and leaving a comment! I’m so glad you did because I hopped right over to your blog and found it to be lovely! I loved reading about your photo challenge. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!


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