Random Musings and Mustard

Martin's Preserves | My Edible JourneyStruggling to post today

It’s not the weather.  It is gorgeous, and has been for some time.  We had a brief blip of stupid hot weather earlier in July, but since then it’s been absolutely amazing.  Open windows, cool breezes, warm sunshine, enough rain….  The perfect summer, in my books (assuming it doesn’t get stupid hot again).

I’m struggling more because I don’t have a tidy, cohesive post with a few relevant pictures and a recipe.  I am reminding myself that I started this blog as a place to talk and share.  The pictures and recipes were just a part of the process; not meant to be all-encompassing.  But in the world of food blogs, it’s the tidy posts that get noticed.  And I struggle with being a tiny, tiny fish in an enormous pond sometimes.

I’m grateful for my blog name

My edible journey.  That “journey” gives me the freedom to have days like today, and posts like this.  What’s been happening in my journey lately?  Well, my adorable soon-to-be 9 year old son came into the kitchen before supper the other night with my camera.  He then adjusted a few things on the table and took a picture.  When I asked what he was doing, he shared that he was helping me by taking pics for my blog.  Awwww.  So of course I’m including his image here.

Dinner |My Edible Journey

I love social media

Ripe And Juicy Market at Stratus |My Edible JourneyIt satisfies this introvert’s need to be connected.  I’ve never bought the idea that the online world isn’t the “real” world.  I’m real, and I’m online.  I’ve made many friends online.  Some of whom I’ve met “in real life.”  This past weekend I had the opportunity to gather with some of these fabulous people (many of whom I met at our Kaleapalooza potluck) to bid farewell to an amazingly lovely woman who is embarking on a journey of her own with the One Shot Project, teaching Kurdish children the art of photography.  We met at a wonderful event called the Ripe and Juicy Market at Stratus winery.  There were local food vendors, food trucks, artisans and purveyors of wonderful things.  And it was the perfect backdrop for our informal get together.

The recipe

Oh, and I tried my hand at making mustard.  I had some local hard cider that wasn’t as good as I’d remembered.  I’m giving grace due to last year being awful for apples in this area, but the product was still overly effervescent.  Unpleasantly so.  I decided that since I’ve seen beer based mustards, a relatively dry cider should work as well.  The first attempt had way too much mustard powder in it and was horribly hot.  Like blow your head off through your flaming sinuses hot.  So I dumped that and tried again.  I may have let it sit too long, since it’s still hotter than I was going for, but the flavour is far more balanced as well.  So, since I can’t help myself, I’ll include the recipe that I sorted out. I’m debating adding chopped green apple to the mix, or even freeze dried apple, the next time for more flavour kick.

Homemade Cider Mustard |My Edible JourneyCider Mustard

1/3 cup yellow mustard seeds
1 tablespoon mustard powder
1 cup hard cider (you may not use it all)
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon turmeric (optional)
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon dried onion (optional)
2 teaspoons sugar (depending on how sweet your cider is)

Combine everything, starting with about 1/3 cup of cider, in a small glass or stainless steel bowl and leave to sit for a day or two. The longer you leave it, the stronger it seems to get.

Blend until smooth, adding more of the cider as needed. The longer it’s sat, the thicker it will be. Taste and adjust the sweetness/saltiness/sourness.

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 6 months.

2 thoughts on “Random Musings and Mustard

    1. Mama B Post author

      Doesn’t it, though? It’s decidedly autumnal here right now, and that was such a summery event.

      The mustard is mellowing. It’s actually really nice. I’ll definitely make it again, playing with the liquids and flavours.


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