Turkey Leek Turnovers

I’m experimenting with posting directly from my iPod. If this works, you can expect more posts that come from flashes of inspiration and life in general. I’m kind of excited. Sometimes I don’t have a recipe, or beautifully edited photos. And sometimes I just don’t have it in me to do all that a “proper” blog post requires. These savoury turkey turnovers are my first attempt at this new way. Enjoy!

With Christmas over and the new year fast approaching, my tastes often turn to East Asian and Middle Eastern flavours. Bright spices, light broths, fresh ingredients… After holiday feasting, I naturally gravitate to healthier things. But…

I am a practical person. There was turkey in the fridge, begging to not become soup, or end up languishing in the freezer. As my mind perused it’s index of recipes calling for leftover turkey, Jamie Oliver sprang to mind. His turkey & leek pie sounded like a great starting point (though I didn’t use the recipe itself for more than inspiration).

I pulled some all butter puff pastry out of the freezer and set about sautéing aromatics. Onions, carrot, celery and leeks filled the house with their comforting smell. Chopped turkey went in and flour coated everything. Some chicken broth created a nice, thick ‘gravy.’ A little seasoning and a chill down and it was ready for the pastry.

I rolled the sheet of dough out just a little and cut it into four rectangles. Each received a portion of the filling and some egg wash. They got folded in half, brushed with more egg and crimped and poked with a fork. They baked at 425F for 20 minutes or so.

Three of four of us really enjoyed them. I call that a dinner win.


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