Insta-recipe. Onion Sage Marinade

I got pork chops out of the freezer the other day. I’m not a huge pork chop fan, so when I cook them I always doctor them up. Spice rubs are good. And marinades are great.

If you browse my Instagram, you’ll see some pics of the herbs that I’m growing on our new deck (there are pics of that too). The neglected sage was brought up to sit near the kitchen door and has been beckoning me to use it. So I agreed & grabbed a fistful of leaves (plus a little of my sprouting parsley & some thyme).

I decided that onion would be the other main flavour. Onion and sage were made for each other. A little fish sauce for salt/umami, some Dijon, maple & white wine vinegar to round it out and voila. A marinade for those bland chops. A little water thinned it out so that it would coat the meat better, but even when it’s thick it’s fine. It would work well on a roast.

I bet this marinade would be great on poultry, too. Or potato wedges. Heck, replace the sage with another herb, like fennel or dill and it would work well on fish.

If you’re interested in the recipe, head to my Instagram and check it out.

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