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Cabbage and Kale with Honey and Feta

Cabbage and Kale with Honey and Feta | My Edible Journey

Cabbage through the years

I never ate cooked cabbage when I was a kid.  Well, there was that one time when my mother presented us with a plate of knackwurst that had been cooked in sauerkraut.  That pretty much put me off of cooked cabbage and snappy-skinned German sausage until well into my adulthood.

My husband’s German background reintroduced me to cooked cabbage in the form of Rotkraut; a sort of sweet and sour red cabbage dish.  I didn’t like that, either.  Still don’t (though I’ve since had a knackwurst-style sausage, sans sauerkraut, that I did enjoy). Continue reading

Pretzel Buns

Food heritage

My husband is German.  His father moved to Canada as a young boy, having lost his own father to the war and his home and all he knew to the aftermath.  Before meeting my husband, I’d never heard of nor seen pretzel buns, aka Bretzels, aka Laugenbrötchen (I looked that up – even my husband doesn’t know that word).

Pretzel Buns

Continue reading