Mid Summer Bounty

Queen Anne Cherries | My Edible JourneySummer is in full swing and we’re enjoying it.  Join me this week for a look back at some of the wonderful recipes that have come from the bounty of this part of the season.

Cherry Basil Salsa

Cherry Basil Salsa |My Edible JourneyThis salsa came about one evening when I had an abundance of cherries and a dinner of wild boar sausage and fabulous halloumi style cheese.  With such delicious but heavy food, I needed something fresh and light to offset it.  The pickled jalapeno and cinnamon may seem odd, but they really brighten and round out this salsa, making it a wonderful foil for any rich food.  Click here for the recipe.

Garlicky Double Dills

Garlicky Double Dill Pickles |My Edible JourneyI make dill pickles every year.  Last year I used a lot of garlic, and combined fresh dill with dill seeds for a big punch of flavour.  We still have a few left, but I’ll be making more soon.  They are such a welcome addition to the dinner table in the dead of winter when we’re longing for the bright tastes of summer.  You can find the recipe here.

Peach Raspberry Platz

Peach Raspberry Platz |My Edible JourneyPeaches (and other stone fruits) are just starting to be picked here.  And raspberries are in full swing (sadly, not in our yard, as something killed off almost every cane in the garden).  This platz (simple crumb topped dessert) is the perfect marriage of the best of these summer fruits.  It’s great for a gathering (or for breakfast).  There will certainly be a pan of this appearing at some point at church for snack soon.  Find the recipe here.

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