2013 – The Food That Was

The year that was - My Edible Journey

Well, that’s it then

My first January through December of blogging My Edible Journey.  There were some definite hits (wow, do you all love ham soup!)  And a few misses (so maybe I’m the only one who thinks that cabbage and kale pair well with honey and Feta).  And in between there have been seasons of incredible local bounty, delightful new tastes and a few surprises, good and… not as good.  There have been photos that I have quite loved, only to be panned by foodie link sites, and at least one I really didn’t like, but put up anyway and then had those same sites love them.  Go figure.

Turkey Soup |My Edible Journey

Both Foodgawker and Tastespotting thought enough of this pic of leftover turkey soup to accept it – go figure.

Cranberry Clementine Parfait | My Edible Journey

They turned down this one for cranberry clementine parfaits, though. “Composition – awkward angle” I think they said.

Looking Back

I could link to all of the posts that have drawn the most views, like the above mentioned ham soup, and the double chocolate muffins that I made again for Christmas morning stocking opening, but those are doing fine for themselves.  I made some things this year that I’d like to draw attention to again.  Foods that I think are worthy of a second look.

Rhubarb Cake ~ My Edible JourneyThis rhubarb cake from early June was not only delicious, it’s also the first recipe I received from someone else.  As a teen, I asked a then boyfriend’s mother for her recipe after thoroughly enjoying this cake at their house.  I’ve played with it over the years, and it’s still a favourite.

Last January, after indulging a bit too much over the holidays, I roasted up some golden beets and tucked into this lovely salad.  There is no recipe.  Just inspiration.  Roasted golden beets, candied nuts, Feta and a sweet and sour vinaigrette, tossed with mixed Roasted Beet Saladgreens.  a healthy lunch, or great dinner side to kick off eating well in the new year.  It was also the first recipe I captured with my new camera.  The image was a little… artistically moody.  But I love it.

In 2013, I made my own mustard, chewy nut-free granola bars, and absolutely fabulous Asian-inspired pulled pork tacos.  I combined cherries, basil and pickled jalapenos in a brilliant salsa, toasted marshmallows for ice cream, and made new friends at an entirely kale-themed potluck (that was a definite highlight!)

This year I’ve experienced personal setbacks (like losing and mostly regaining both much of the sight in my left eye and, later in the year, my hearing).  I struggled with the whole “small fish in a big blog pond” thing, learned to accept that most tutorials are for DSLR users and self-hosted WordPress blogs, and have plugged along, doing my best and enjoying the process.

Black Lentil Salad ~My Edible Journey

I still like this photo for my black lentil salad.

I intend to share more of the journey itself in the new year.  I probably won’t be eating fois gras again, but if I do, or if I try anything else that is interesting, you can bet I’ll let you know!

Happy 2014, everyone!  May you find peace, joy and deliciousness along the way!

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