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Late Autumn Recipe Roundup

While Thanksgiving is long past here in Canada already, it is just around the corner in the U.S. With my American readers in mind, and giving a nod to the creeping chill that is wrapping itself around folks in many areas, I’ve put together a compilation of a few recipes featuring seasonal foods that are abundant right now. Enjoy!

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Pumpkin Pickles

Pumpkin Pickles | My Edible JourneyNo, I am not retracting my comment on pumpkin spice everything.  But what can I say?  It’s that time of year.  When you’re buying local produce in Niagara in October, there is a gloriously obvious bounty of pumpkins and squashes to be had.  Rich in fibre and vitamin A, and useful in everything from soups to sides to dessert, they really are a fabulous food to take advantage of. Continue reading

Autumn Pinspiration

There may not be as much chill in the air as I’d like, but it has begun to cool. Monday promises a 19C day and a 13C night (that’s 66 and 55 degrees American respectively).  It’s currently 26C with a “feels like” (formerly the humidex) of 34 (93F).  At least there’s a breeze. Continue reading